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Michelin tracks inter-continental sea-freight flows with an IoT-based solution developped with Sigfox France and Argon Consulting

Michelin, Sigfox France and Argon Consulting announced the launch of a new disruptive solution for the tracking of sea-freight containers in real-time based on Sigfox’s technology and global network. Michelin, the world-leading tire manufacturer, is an early-adopter of this solution, already in use on some of their critical inter-continental flows.

How to streamline the Supply Chain with IoT?

Listen to Pierre-Fabrice Storino, Partner at Argon Consulting in an interview about the Supply Chain and its blind flows: Iot is the way to clear the clutter, get real time reliable information and master the physical flows.

Tracking your sea-freight container with IoT - what benefits?

Independant from shipping lines and transporters, plug-and-play solution, competitive price, IoT gives visibility on your sea-freight container's transportation (localisation, luminosity, temperature...) and allows you to get a better customer relationship (tracking of stocks, delay alert...).

What's the best way to track your container?

Asset Tracking with IoT is a way to get real-time visibility of ‘blind flows’. Enhanced control of physical flows will help Supply Chain manager to reduce uncertainty and significantly improve their Supply Chain agility. 

Discover the benefits of using IoT trackers to track sea-freight containers in real-time.

Get rid of blind flows with IoT!

When the Supply Chain is complex and involves many actors (suppliers, transportation companies...), it becomes very challenging to have an end-to-end view. Asset Tracking with IoT is a way to get real-time visibility of "blind flows".

Discover our use cases!

Argon Consulting and Sigfox announce their strategic partnership, aiming to build the Supply Chain 4.0

The partnership between Argon Consulting and Sigfox have notably brought a world-first in tracking maritime containers. Sensors enabled real-time detection of unloading on arrival at port, anticipation of activity, reduction of shipping delays, and visibility for the final client.

Bring digital revolution to your operations!

Argon Digital have a pragmatic and targeted approach: thanks to our expertise, we identify the future uses and quickly implement pilots to quantify the expected value. Several solutions are already used by our clients and deliver results.

Are you ready for the future warehouse?

Our expert, Jeremy Hammant, Partner at Argon Consulting analyses how new technologies will transform supply chains and why the warehouse will be at the heart.

In the near future... Objective warehouse 4.0

Read the opinion of Nicolas Gellé, Partner at Argon, in FM Logistic regarding the future of the warehouse. How to anticipate new technologies? How to stay competitive in a fast moving environment?