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Bring the digital revolution to your operations

Thanks to the operational vision gained by Argon over the last 20 years, we have created the model for tomorrow’s Operation by applying the best digital innovations.

IoT networks, Data Science and Process Robotization bring opportunities to increase value, improve competitiveness and generate new business models.

Argon Digital provides a focused approach: with our operational vision, we identify use cases and rapidly deploy proof of concepts to quantify target value. Multiple solutions are already delivering results for our clients.

Our operational focus enables us as well to work with top management to elaborate their digital strategy in operations.

The Internet of Things (IoT) revolution is ongoing with more than 20 billion objects to be connected in 2020. Argon Digital designs the new Connected Supply Chains and provides leading solutions combining IoT and Data Science.

An increasing number of warehouse automation projects are carried out each year in Europe.

Argon Consulting teams will support you during this behavioural and technological transformation: scoping study, consultation and choice of solutions, implementation, change management and optimization of existing equipment.

For years, Sales, Supply Chain and Manufacturing have generated volumes of data still largely unexploited. Argon Digital leverages these to develop innovative algorithmic solutions and bring a competitive edge to its clients.





The robotization of processes enables the automation of numerous administrative tasks (recurring data input, data extraction and conversion, systematic control tasks, etc.) Argon Digital provides the roadmaps and ensures the deployment of robotic transformations, enabling its clients to focus on high added value tasks.

Argon Digital provides agile and innovative solutions when operations require the deployment of advanced algorithms (parts planning) or when no professional solution exists (quality of Master Data).




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Digital makes sense only if it creates value

Capitalize on our operational vision to deliver disruptive solutions

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Take an agile and progressive approach


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Argon is an independent international consulting firm, whose mission is to help its clients achieve a sustainable competitive advantage through Operational Excellence.

For more than 20 years, our teams of consultants have assisted businesses and their directors in Europe and across the world in operational transformation projects (R&D, Procurement, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Distribution, Services, SG&A, Performance Management, Change Management) by leveraging digital innovations (e.g. IoT, Data Science, Process Automation).


Today, Argon employs over 150 consultants, hired from the best engineering and business schools, in our European offices (Paris and London). In 2016, the firm was recognised by Gartner as one of the best 20 consulting firms in the world in the field of Operations, and was voted Best Consulting Firm 2017 by the magazine Capital and Leader in Production and Operations by the body VLM Vanguard.

For more informations, visit our website dedicated to operational transformation: www.argon-consult.com