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Argon Consulting is proud to announce the creation of Argon Digital

London, October 17th 2017

Argon, leader in operational performance with more than 150 consultants, is pleased to announce the launch of its Digital offer.


Internet of Things (IoT) networks, Data Science, and process automation packages enable greater understanding of client behavior and practices, optimization of production and maintenance, flow tracking, reductions in lead-times and costs, and automation of administrative tasks. They also offer opportunities to create value, competitivity, and new business models.


Argon Digital has a pragmatic and targeted approach: thanks to our expertise, we identify the future uses and quickly implement pilots to quantify the expected value. Several solutions are already used by our clients and deliver results.


This operational ground allows us to also help general and operationnal directions to elaborate the digital strategy in their operations


Argon Digital is structured around 4 offers with a dedicated team and a network of innovative partners.


The Internet of Things (IoT) revolution is ongoing with more than 20 billion objects to be connected in 2020. Argon Digital designs the new Connected Supply Chains and provides leading solutions combining IoT and Data Science.

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Process Automation

A revolution is ongoing thanks to process robotization, which enables the automation of numerous administrative tasks (recurring data input, data extraction and conversion, systematic control tasks,...). Argon Digital provides the roadmaps and ensures the deployment of robotic transformation, enabling employees to focus on high added value tasks.

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Advanced Analytics

For years, Sales, Supply Chain and Manufacturing have generated volumes of data still largely unexploited. Argon Digital leverages these to deliver projects with high ROI thanks to innovative algorithmic solutions, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

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Business Tools

Some process in organizations, though critical, are sometimes wrong undertaken projects. Argon Digital provides agile and innovative solutions when operations require the deployment of advanced algorithms (parts planning) or when no professional solution exists (quality of Master Data).

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